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  • What is Family Constellation?
    Systemic or Family Constellation is a therapeutic, practical and philosophical path applied to life, discovered and developed by the pedagogue, psychotherapist, former priest and German philosopher Bert Hellinger, whose approach involves phenomenology. Hellinger developed Family Constellation (Familienstellen) from empirical observations, based on various forms of family psychotherapy, on patterns of behavior that are repeated in groups of families over generations. Through group experiences, he discovered the existence of conscience, a memory that works in families and aims at the perpetuation of the group. This memory is “governed” by three laws that operate in family systems, also called Orders of Love. Through the experience of Family Constellations, it is possible to bring to light the hidden dynamics of the family, thus identifying the laws that have been transgressed. The work enables the participant to bring to consciousness a “new vision” of the issue and a new way to resolve imprisonment and suffering. This work is not linked to any religion, although it is based on spirituality and energy.
  • What is a Family Constellation Workshop?
    The workshop is an event where the Family Constellation takes place. Every participant "constellates" in a workshop, either by bringing an individual question in the group, or participating in dynamics, or being a representative in the experiences, and even observing, in the condition of being surrendered to the work and in full presence. A Family Constellation Workshop is an opportunity to participate in practical and face-to-face group experiences. It is not a course or training, which requires years of practical and theoretical learning and does not end with the acquisition of some certificates. Depending on the circumstances, but not necessarily, the facilitator will be able to elaborate some of the theories that support the Family Constellation, in the sense of helping to increase individual awareness about life and support the personal growth of the participants. A Family Constellation Intensive is the same event with the longest duration: two days.
  • What is the purpose of Family Constellation?
    During the Family Constellation, when people, in a workshop group, represent family members or people linked to the client (or to a company or any other system) follow the spontaneous movements, the real entanglements come to light and the client receives a new image of the question. Thus, he will see the next step he must take to help him heal repetitive patterns of illness, promote conflict resolution, find peace, prosperity and harmony in relationships.
  • How is Family Constellation done?
    In a Family Constellation in-person group session, a participant who brings their issue to the facilitator will count on this group to represent the people of their family system, whether they are known to the client or not. The issue may be related to relationships, chronic pain, mental illnesses, addictions, fatalities, sexuality, profession, suicide, or any important life crises. The role of the facilitator is to help the client broaden their view of the essential issue and the healthy path to a solution. The client will experience a “faithful reproduction” of their family system of what they are not aware of. The facilitator can help the client only if he/she allows and accepts the movements that emerge from the representatives in this field that show the real disorders in their system. The participants will experience and learn about: Understanding Orders: Learn about the importance of rank and belonging in familial system or any other group. Finding Your Place: Explore how to positively impact your life securing the right place for you in your community. Conflict Resolution: Gain practical tools and new attitudes for resolving conflicts. Empowerment: Shift your viewpoint to find strength, peace, and happiness in your life Prevention and Healing: Recognize your limits to prevent diseases. Experience the order of “Balance of Giving and Receiving”. The purpose of Family Constellation is to seek a balance of give and take in relationships, respecting the roles and hierarchy of each person in their group, including everyone who has the right to belong, without judgment. It is a path of transforming curses into blessings, and the facilitator shows the client where the key is to open the door to this path.
  • How do I join a session?
    Just register through the link: Home All you have to do is choose the most convenient date and city, and the type of registration: advance, with discount; or normal value. For those who are not financially able to pay the full amount at this time, a donation appropriate to their financial condition will be welcome. The Family Constellation is done in person and in a group. Just go without judgments, without intentions, being free to see something very new.
  • What happens after a Family Constellation?
    After a session, and even during it, the client may feel very tired, as we will After a session, and even during it, the client may feel very tired, as we will be working on levels of consciousness that are very different from the level we live in on a day-to-day basis. During the Family Constellation, we are in a range of very deep memories and consciousness, which are part of a secular memory, from which we have the opportunity to access this information/images, through the sensations in our body and the representatives . Therefore, the body becomes exhausted, tired. After a session, it may even be possible to have a headache, flu, insomnia, tiredness, but it passes. There is usually a sense of relief and lightness despite exhaustion. Life goes on as usual, without worrying about fixing something. The image of something new emerges during the Constellation, which will act for a while, and, at a moment in life, this new image, which was not known before and was not aware of, will require the client to take the next step and act for himself.
  • What issues can be worked on in Family Constellation?
    Any essential life or death topic such as: • Relationships with parents, natural or adopted children, ex-spouses, couples • Separations such as divorce, premature death, "empty nest • Mental illness • Depression, emotional imbalances • Suicide • Chronic and autoimmune diseases, allergies • Career, professional issues • Chronic pain • Eating Disorders • Abortions • Adoption • Immigration • Incest and sexual abuse • Crimes • Addictions Thanks to the representation of all members in the Family Constellation, the client can learn about: • Where the entanglement is • How these laws can be respected again • The ability to restore order to your system • The next step to be taken, which will lead them to resolve the issue(s) that were imprisoning them
  • What is a system?
    A system is a group of people who remain united or constrained by an interest in the forces that permeate them, whether or not they are aware of those forces. Ex; family, organizations, schools, religions, countries, etc.
  • Who is part of a person's family system?
    Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors, uncles, first love, spouses, ex-spouses, living or dead children, aborted children, others excluded or forgotten. In addition to these, people injured, harmed or killed by a family member are linked to that person's system.
  • Is my privacy in a session preserved?
    All participants' identities are protected in Patricia Belda's seminars. The names are not disclosed and the photos and videos are not allowed by the organization at any time. Nothing related to this practice will be disclosed on any social media, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all participants.
  • Should I participate with my family together?
    Work affects all family members (living and deceased), even if they are not present. They will be represented by other people in the group. You can participate with or without family members.
  • Can I bring my wife, husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, father, mother, son?"
    Yes, although not required.
  • Does Family Constellation Work Miracles?
    No. Family Constellation does not replace nor is it a shortcut to therapy or traditional medicine. It is a new form of knowledge and a path to other levels of consciousness, which can be reached through a personal group experience.
  • Who is Bert Hellinger?
    Bert Hellinger was born in Germany on December 16, 1925 and died on September 19, 2019. Hellinger studied philosophy, theology, and education. He worked for 16 years as a missionary for a Catholic order among the Zulus in South Africa. There, he became intensely involved with the influence of group dynamics. Later, he became a psychoanalyst and completed several trainings in Primary Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Over the years, he finally developed his own method: the Family Constellation (Familienstellen) was born. Today it is known worldwide and is used in several areas, such as: psychotherapy, organizational and management consulting, education, medicine, justice, life, educational counseling and life assistance in the broadest sense. It is training for life. Bert Hellinger did more and more research. New insights and discoveries, gained in practice during seminars, conversations, meditations and many other life situations, were constantly incorporated into his work, until it became clear that the "Original Hellinger Family Constellation" had grown beyond this level. Rather than a rigid technique that could be learned and a claim to help, a stance of a very special kind emerged, so to speak, in the first place. A posture of "consent to what is - exactly as it is". Through this approach, the scope and effectiveness of the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation has been and continues to be expanded and improved. In the meantime, the Original Hellinger® Family Constellation has reached the courts and the healthcare system. Bert Hellinger has written over 110 books that have been translated into 38 languages. FURTHER INFORMATION ON BERT HELLINGER'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE:
  • Is there a minimum age to do Family Constellation?
    There is no minimum age! Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • How do I schedule a session for my issue?
    The recommendation would be to look for a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, lawyer, etc. instead of a Family Constellation, as it deals with group work, where everyone participates in all the issues of those present. There is no individual, fixed issue in which your problem will be highlighted, diagnosed, prepared so that a protocol for a possible solution is followed. There's also no "fix" guarantee, like when you take a car to the mechanic. In Family Constellation, everyone is exposed to an issue that arises, to group dynamics, or a client volunteers to bring up what bothers him, with the symptoms that appear in life, whether in the order of bodily health , mental health, whether in order of path in life, success, failure, repetitions of patterns, fatalities. Any symptom, any crisis that someone has and wants to bring into the group, will be seen in a group, worked on in a group. The Constellation is conducted like this so that, all together, they can walk to see something in common, in which issues become similar, common. It's a phenomenon! A phenomenological path of knowledge, in which one can, in a different way from those already known, access solutions, access a new image of what the problem would be.
  • Who will constellate pay more than the listener?
    This is a choice for conducting this work that has been practiced for some time, to attract people to Family Constellation, as it is a new science. Currently, it is going into "disuse", so to speak, because EVERYONE ARE MEMBERS of the Family Constellation, because the work is not focused only on one person, to whom some issue will be constellated, but it is a process, a path that is traveled in group, in which everyone is involved.
  • How can I participate in Patricia Belda's workshop if I can't afford to pay the full amount, not even with a discount?"
    Types of registration for all seminars Early bird registration: anticipated signups have discount. Regular registration: regular fee, Donation registration: Intended for people who are not able to pay the full amount at this time. Please consider an amount that suits your budget. Regardless the amount paid Family Constellation involves everyone in the group. All participants benefit regardless of the contribution. Everyone present feels the effect of a Constellation whether as an observer, a listener, a representative, the individual posing the question, a newcomer, or an experienced constellation professional.
  • How many sessions do I need to attend?
    It is recommended to give a break of 3 months to 1 year before returning to new experiences. When you see something very essential in a Family Constellation, peripheral issues are resolved. There are no weekly sessions like in traditional therapies.
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