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Why choose Patricia Belda?


Her workshops:

  • 100% in-person so that all participants can benefit from the Family Constellation in its original form, the "Familienstellen", following the fundamentals in the Orders of Love and always observing the Orders of Help, founded by Bert Hellinger.


  • Why in person? Because in-person Family Constellations we are fully exposed, undressing ourselves from the protective layers of suffering and experiencing pain in its original form, without barriers and/or protective screens - both for the client and for the facilitator.  All participants have the opportunity to see what is hidden in their relationships, observing absolutely all the signs and movements of the representatives' bodies, others present and the client himself.

  • The hybrid model might be valid, but it requires a large technological apparatus that is still unavailable for Patricia Belda.


  • Held in an intimate setting however, taking care to preserve the confidentiality of the participants. Client privacy and confidentiality is a unique and distinct feature of Patricia Belda's work.


  • The best reference is the testimonies of individuals who have experienced her work.


  • Values ​​practiced:

    • The balance of exchange between facilitator and client is always observed.

    • Engagement encourages:

      • Fair value and practices consistent with the economy of each country.

      • "Early Bird" discount offered for early registration.

      • Donation option available for those who do not have the financial means to pay the full amount, nor discounted “early bird” price.  The customer chooses an amount suitable to their budget.


  • In 2023 she celebrates 60 years of life experience in her own country and in others - as a daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, student and leader - in constant evolution and learning.


  • Approximately 15 years of national and international experience in the field of Family Constellations.


  • Her personal characteristics include:

    • Happiness

    • Authenticity

    • Lightness

    • Comprehensive health outlook

    • Confidence

    • Courage

    • Humility in the face of something much greater

    • Assertiveness

    • Respect

    • Free from personal interests

    • Empathy


  • Patricia Belda works without any intention to please, gather followers, or create customer loyalty nor to become a "guru".


  • "Work" for Patricia Belda is not an activity that replaces an inner void nor diminishes any pain nor promotes self healing by helping others.


  • Patricia focus is on her mission to : "Serving humanity through Family Constellation by expanding life awareness and supporting personal development."


  • Her path is based on a balance of exchange, and those who accompany her grow together, receiving the benefits equally of Family Constellations, including herself.


  • Patricia Belda humbly recognizes that taking/accepting parents and ancestors without any demands is a constant path for her - and for any evolving human being.


  • She is committed to raising consciousness in accordance with the discoveries of Bert Hellinger and other philosophers and sages.  Patricia continually deeps her knowledge through ongoing courses, training and studies.

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