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Escritório moderno

Organization Constellation



Family Constellations have evolved into other systems.  As soon as we are born, the family is the first system to which we belong.  All the forces in the Orders of Love act in the family to preserve the family and the species.  These same forces also operate in other systems. They work in society, companies, schools, and religions.  These systems are controlled by the same forces and principles.

Companies are slightly different, for example within a family, there is the Order of Belonging, whereby an individual's place may never be occupied by another person.  In a company, changes in positions are possible.  As a result, companies differ from the Family Constellation yet obey the same principles, based on the Orders of Love.

Who is it for?

Organization Constellation by Patricia Belda focuses on:

  • Family businesses

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • Innovative entrepreneurs

  • Startups

  • Managers that aim to promote personal growth and well-being of their employees, collaborators and partners

Benefits for a Company

Through an Organizational Constellation managers and investors can access inclusive and innovative tools to enrich their decision-making processes.

1) Organizational Constellation allows partners or leaders to envision unnoticeable dynamics that work within the organization and/or a  business plan.  Through these experiences it is possible to identify:

  • recurring issues, such as high turnover of employees, partners, and suppliers

  • leadership conflicts

  • employees’ attitudes

  • obstacles to attracting new customers and new talent

  • inefficiency in certain areas and positions

  • new strategies and products,

  • function or place of the founder(s)

  • line of succession

2) Organizational Constellation allows the clients to expand their views of problems and solutions, provided by new optic and sensory images that are manifested and perceived in the representatives' movements.

3) Enables managers to follow a path to greater success, with an excellent cost/benefit result.

All data and information about the company and products are kept confidential.
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