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Sign-up Information

How to attend a seminar?
There is no prerequisite. To participate, simply sign up by choosing the desired date and place.

  1. Click  Signup and check the upcoming dates.

  2. Choose the seminar you would like to attend and you will be directed to signup on the Eventbrite website.

  3. Choose a price option and make the payment.

  4. If you prefer to "venmo" us instead of credit card payment please contact us directly at

Types of registration for all workshops

  • Early bird: anticipated signups have discount.

  • Regular: regular fee.

  • Donation: intended for people who are not able to pay the full amount at this time.  Please consider an amount that suits your budget.  

  • Senior & Student: intended for enrolled students and seniors 65+

Regardless the amount paid  Family Constellation involves everyone in the group.   All participants benefit regardless of the contribution.  Everyone present feels the effect of a Constellation whether as an observer, a listener, a representative, the individual posing the question, a newcomer, or an experienced constellation professional.  

What is a Family Constellation Workshop?  

Our "workshops" are events where Family Constellations takes place.  Every participant "constellates" in a workshop, either by bringing an individual question to the group, by participating in group dynamics, by being a representative in the experiences, or simply by observing - everyone benefits as long they are fully present.

A Family Constellation Workshop is an opportunity to participate in practical and face-to-face group experiences.  It is not a course or training session, which requires years of practical and theoretical learning and does not end by earning some certificates.  


Depending on the circumstances, but not necessarily, the facilitator may elaborate on some of the theories of what is a Family Constellation.  Such theories are introduced occasionally to help broaden individual awareness about life and support the personal growth of participants.

A Family Constellation Intensive is the same as a workshop other than it takes place over two day period.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation by the client, for any reason, must be submitted by email 7 days before the event. 

  • Payments may be refunded discounting a 10%  processing fee of the amount paid. 

  • The request must be made by email to

  • After 7 days prior to the event, there is no refund. 

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