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Be careful who influences you!

"A lion cub was misled into a flock of sheep and was taken in by shepherds. It grew up with the sheep and acquired their manners, although its form was different. It would eat the grass and make sounds like a sheep. One day, when the sheep were grazing, a lion happened to come that way, and on seeing the sheep it roared. The sheep ran away, but the cub stood, and having seen the similar form, walked to the lion with affection. The lion took the cub under its influence and once again the sheep-lion became a real lion."

The influences in the world are such as to make one feel weak, feeble and fearful and to cause one to feed on rubbish which makes one weak, feeble and fearful. Only good company can undo such influences, so that the natural essence of truth, consciousness and bliss may prevail.

Everyone is a lion and every being is Absolute.

Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī: Conversations 1965​, Day 4 Source: School of Practical Philosophy

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