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Fishing for the Moon

One evening a man went to fetch some water from the well. To his surprise, when he looked into the well, he found the sunken moon shining in the well.

“Oh, good heavens, what a pity! The beautiful moon has dropped into the well!”

So he dashed home for a hook and tied it with a rope to his bucket, then he put it into the well to fish for the moon.

After some time, the man was pleased to find that something was caught on the hook. He must have thought it was the moon. He pulled hard on the rope. Due to the excessive pulling, the rope broke and he fell flat on his back.

Taking advantage of that new position, the man saw the moon high in the sky. He sighed, “Aha, it finally went back to its place! What a good job!”

He felt very happy and proudly told whomever he met about this wonderful accomplishment.

Chinese Fable Story

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