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The boy and the pencil

A girl lost her pen and she complained to the teacher by accusing a boy pupil. When the boy was accused, he asked the teacher to let him know the price of the pen so that he could pay tomorrow. Next day he paid and the topic came to a close. Since young people are not too clever in such matters, the real culprit brought the pen in his box which was seen by the girl. She went to the teacher and said that the pen was taken by one and that the punishment was paid by another. This injustice ought to be corrected. After a search, the pen was found. The perplexed teacher then asked the first boy why he paid for the pen when he had not stolen it? The boy had a very disciplined parentage. He said: “If I had protested my innocence, no one would have listened to me and this would have pained me. So it seemed to me that peace of mind was more valuable than five rupees and I paid the money to save my peace.” The teacher was astonished at this answer worthy of only a great man. This established an ideal and all paid their respects to the boy.


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