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The disciple who fell into the well

It is true that we do not find it easy to remain in the present, to remain connected to our senses and body. The reason is lack of practice and discipline. As long as the ability has not been acquired, there will be difficulty. But ability can certainly be acquired. We should never allow our mind to establish its own imaginary kingdom of pleasure.

There was a disciple helping a wise man. He used to go to town to buy food for them both. One day he saw a procession. On enquiring about it he was told that a boy and a girl were getting married and they would live together in love, peace and happiness. Farther on he stopped by a well to rest and fell asleep. He dreamt and saw himself getting married, taking his bride home, and being in bed with her. His wife asked him to move over a little which he did, and he fell into the well. The people in the town got him out and asked what happened. How he had fallen into the well in daylight! He told of his dream to the great amusement of the people, and went back to work. Resolving not to allow the mind to create its own kingdom.

People fall into well just for nothing.

"The Man who wanted to meet God". Shri Shantananda Saraswati (1913 - 1997)

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