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The way of the world

A bumblebee flew to a cluster of cherry blossoms, drank her fill of a blossom’s nectar, and flew away contentedly. But then she started suffering pangs of conscience. “There’s something wrong here, “she thought, for she felt as if she had dined at a richly decked table and had forgotten to bring the host a gift that would give pleasure. She wondered what she could do to make amends, but she couldn’t make up her mind. And the weeks and the months went by.

She did not forget, however, one day she said to herself. “I must go back to the cherry blossom and say thank you. So, she set off on her flight and found the cherry tree. But alas, where the blossoms had been there was only a cluster of dark red fruit, and the bumblebee was very sad. “Now I shall never be able to say thank you,” she thought. “I have lost my change forever. But it has taught a lesson. “

And then, while she was still thinking about it, a sweet fragrance assailed her nostrils, the pink chalice of a flower beckoned, and she threw herself joyously into a new adventure.

Hellinger, Bert. Love’s Own Truth. Phoenix, AZ. Zeig,Tucker & Theisen Ed 2007 (pg. 276).

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