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Celebrations, by Bert Hellinger

Someone sets out, and looking ahead, sees in the distance the house that belongs to him. Walks towards it and, when he reaches it, he opens the door, enters and finds himself a room set out for a party. This party is attended by everyone who was important in his life. And everyone who arrives brings something, stays for a while and then leaves, just as desires and or suffering do. They bring something, stay a while and then leave. Just as life does, which brings us something, stays a little and then leaves. Therefore, everyone comes to the party, each one with a special gift, for which he paid the full price, whatever it may be: his mother, father, brothers, a grandfather, a grandmother, the other grandfather, the other grandmother, the uncles and aunts, everyone who made room for him, everyone who cared for him, maybe his neighbors, friends, teachers, partners, children: all who were and still are important in his life.

After the party, the person finds himself with many gifts that were won, and in the company of only those guests for whom there is no inconvenience in staying with him a little longer. Then he goes to the window and looks out, sees the houses and knows that one day there will also be a party in which he will go, bring something, stay for a while - and then leave.

We all take part in such celebrations; on such occasions we bring something, stay awhile, accept a gift - and then take our leave. How? Fulfilled and rich.

Hellinger, Bert

-Insights - Lectures and Stories. 2002 (pg. 119)

-My life. My Work. Autobiography. 2019 Original Title: Mein Leben. Mein Werk.

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