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A rich man died, and as he arrived at heaven’s gate, he knocked and asked for admission. Peter opened and said: “What do you want?”. He said: “I want to do a constellation”.

So Peter asked: “What shall I do for you?”.

The rich man said: “I want a first-class room, with the most beautiful view of earth, and my favorite food every day, and the latest newspaper.” Peter was experienced in this work, and he knew he could not do anything. But he became sad. When they were in the most beautiful room, he turned away, went to the door, looked back once more, and said: “I will be back in 1,000 years”. Then he locked the door behind him.

A thousand years later he came back, looked through the small glass in the door of the rich man’s room, because the rich man’s room was a prison. When the rich man saw Peter looking through the hole, he screamed: “There you are at last, this heaven is terrible!” So it is with many people. Peter shook his head. “You are wrong”, he said, “this is hell”.

Hellinger, Bert. An Education of our Time. 2014 (pag. 166).

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