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Why are Patricia Belda's Workshops in-person and in a group setting?

For a long time it was thought that Family Constellation focused on one person - the individual who brought a question to light and whose issue was thus addressed. Over time, it was realized that this was not the way it transpired. Come with me and I'll explain!

We start from the principle that a Constellation is done in a group setting, where everyone participates in all the questions of those present. In a Family Constellation, everyone is exposed to an issue that arises, within a group dynamic, or a client volunteers to bring up what bothers them and its symptoms. Any symptom or crisis that someone has and wants to bring to the group, will be addressed as a group. The Constellation is conducted in this manner so that together, all participants can see something in common, whereby similarities come to light. This is a phenomenon! A phenomenological path of knowledge, in which new solutions can be revealed.

A Family Constellation benefits everyone present. Because of this, we do not believe that a Family Constellation should be done individually, online and with inanimate objects. It is an experience that was originally developed to obtain the best results in a group!

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